Heeft u een aanvraag die plaatsvindt in Joods Nederland, dan kunt u onderstaande criteria bekijken om te zien of uw project kans maakt op een uitkering.

Application - Jewish Netherlands

The Levi Lassen Foundation has been supporting the Dutch Jewish community for many years. Your application falls under one of the following benefit categories:

  1. cultural, creative and Jewish social activities in the Netherlands that promote the strengthening of contemporary Jewish identity and/or sense of community;
  2. initiatives by Jewish organizations in the Netherlands aimed at Jewish youth are eligible for support where necessary;
  3. activities in the Netherlands aimed at improving public opinion towards the Jewish community; maintaining and improving relations between Jewish and non-Jewish Dutch people;
  4. activities that promote cooperation between the various Jewish denominations in the Netherlands.

Activities with an emphasis on commemoration do not fall directly within the benefit policy. To find out whether an application may fit with this theme, it is best to contact us by email and include a brief description of your plan.

Please read this page before submitting an application.

The deadline for the next meeting is July 29, 2024.