Who can apply

Who can apply and for how much?
The Levi Lassen Foundation will consider funding applications from NGOs and projects that fulfil the following criteria:

  • NGOs that advance young Ethiopian-Israeli women and men (ages 15-30), or specific projects that advance Ethiopian-Israeli women and men (ages 15-30)
  • Dutch-Affliliated organizations in Israel. Especially those that provide support for elderly immigrants from Holland, such as nursing homes.
  • The project must have synergy with the overall vision and mission of the NGO.
  • The project (not necessarily the NGO) must be of grassroots nature.
  • The project must have a down to earth impact and make a difference.
  • NGOs may apply for up to 15,000 Euro’s a year and may be given a grant for a period of one year. Grantees may apply for a renewal grant (subject to submitting an evaluation report which has to be approved by the foundation). You can apply for no more than 50% of the total costs of the specific project.
  • NGOs must be able to demonstrate a stable, effective, creative and well-run organization, a sound financial status, and Nihul Takin. Startup NGOs may also apply without Nihul Takin.
  • You may only submit one grant request per year. If your grant request is approved, you can submit another request the next year.


The Foundation has established a set of guidelines for applicants. It is highly recommended that all applicants read the guidelines prior to submitting. Please click here to open the guidelines.