• The BRIC (-a-brac)

    Bric-a-brac > Small, usually ornamental objects valued for their antiquity, rarity, originality, or sentimental associations.

    Our idea on design comes from our escapades to small hide-away shops; you know the ones where you browse for knick-knacks and unusual objects. We love glancing at paraphernalia, ending up empty-handed because we cannot put it to a use.

    The BRIC sprouted from our brains when we thought of the nowadays, modern mantelpiece, the private display of cool stuff. We are all into tech -we love our gadgets- but we require them to look attractive (we are minimalists) and fulfil a practical purpose. So, here is The BRIC (-a-brac) from us, to you, to use. Put your iPhone, your iPad, almost any tablet or smartphone to use and to display, enjoy!

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  • Sustainable process

    Your enjoyment meets a good purpose. People in the social reintegration process produce the BRIC in a workshop. We support this therapeutic community by providing it with labour against a fair wage so its employees will find their way towards successful reintegration and rehabilitation.

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