The Levi Lassen Foundation focuses on supporting NGOs that advance Ethiopian-Israeli women and men (ages 15-30), or specific projects that advance Ethiopian women and men (ages 15-30). Levi Lassen also supports NGOs in Israel with a Dutch affiliation, with an emphasis on organizations that assist and care for elderly immigrants from Holland.  

Application Israël

Grant award categories:

1. Ethiopian-Israeli  women and men (ages 15 to 30): The applicant must be committed to advancing this cause.

2. Dutch-affiliated organizations in Israel. Especially those that provide support for elderly immigrants from Holland, such as nursing homes.

Why Ethiopian-Israeli young women and men?

There are around 50,000 young people between the ages of 15-30 in the Ethiopian-Israeli community. Since the early stages of immigration, Ethiopian-Israelies have constituted a driving force for change and integration. Yet, they fight daily for their voices to be heard and for their right to be considered equal among equals within their community and Israeli society.

The status of these young people will have a decisive influence on the future success of their communities. Activities and programs that educate and empower these young people serve as a gateway to social mobility for the entire Ethiopian-Israeli community.

Please click here to read about our policy and guidelines for applications in Israel.

The next deadline for Stage 1 applications is July 1, 2024. If you have been invited to submit a full application (stage 2), the next deadline is July 29, 2024.